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Some of our Manchester English tutors.

Photo of Mr Oliver Delgaram-Nejad

Mr Oliver Delgaram-Nejad

I'm a PhD candidate in neuropsycholinguistics and consultant to private clients. My advisory clients include the House of Lords, the NHS, People Primetime ...

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Photo of Miss Alyesha Ingrouille

Miss Alyesha Ingrouille

I аm аn experienced tutоr оf Germаn, mаths аnd English, fоr а wide vаriety оf аges аnd аbilities. I studied Germаn аt university, аnd ...

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Photo of Mr Akbar Ali

Mr Akbar Ali

Graduated from Leeds University in Genetics and have a deep passion for science. After University, I have worked in the Computing and IT industry to Project ...

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Photo of Mrs Vanessa Gittins

Mrs Vanessa Gittins

At the beginning of this academic year, I started a tutoring business. Please visit for further details. I am currently ...

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Photo of Miss Hannah Crowe

Miss Hannah Crowe

I am a Drama and English teacher with 9 years experience. I thoroughly enjoy helping students of all ages to feel more confident in their learning in order ...

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Photo of Miss Katie Pomfret

Miss Katie Pomfret

Hello there, my name is Katie Pomfret. I am an experienced, engaging and enthusiastic personal tutor. I am also a PGCE student and will be a fully qualified ...

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Photo of Mrs Marion Griffin

Mrs Marion Griffin

I am a very experienced high school teacher with a a wide ranging knowledge of Key Stage 3 and 4. I love teaching all aspects of the subject.

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Photo of Ms Rachael Southern

Ms Rachael Southern

Cambridge Graduate (First Class) with two years experience teaching English and History at ages 11-18 to a wide range of abilities. Qualified Teacher ...

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Photo of Mr Richard Ross

Mr Richard Ross

I believe it is more important than ever to get a decent education. I have been privileged to have received a first class education at every level and ...

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Photo of Miss Lucy Rothwell

Miss Lucy Rothwell

I am currently a secondary school English teacher offering English Language and Literature GCSE and KS3 (years 7-9) tutoring in the Greater Manchester ...

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