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Some of our Manchester Maths tutors.

Photo of Mr Mubariz Mujtaba

Mr Mubariz Mujtaba

I am currently a year 12 student of Loreto Sixth Form College Studying Maths Further Maths Chemistry Physics I am a very enthusiastic teacher ...

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Photo of Miss Alyesha Ingrouille

Miss Alyesha Ingrouille

I аm аn experienced tutоr оf Germаn, mаths аnd English, fоr а wide vаriety оf аges аnd аbilities. I studied Germаn аt university, аnd ...

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Photo of Mr Akbar Ali

Mr Akbar Ali

Graduated from Leeds University in Genetics and have a deep passion for science. After University, I have worked in the Computing and IT industry to Project ...

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Photo of Mrs Vanessa Gittins

Mrs Vanessa Gittins

At the beginning of this academic year, I started a tutoring business. Please visit for further details. I am currently ...

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Photo of Mr Ashar Butt

Mr Ashar Butt

I am a Economics and Financr University student studying at the University of Manchester. Most of my modules are mathematics and statistics based, giving ...

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Photo of Mr Kasham Uddin

Mr Kasham Uddin

I am a Qualified Teacher with over 13 years of teaching experience in both State and Private Schools. My subjects include Chemistry, Biology and Physics ...

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Photo of Miss Louise Humble

Miss Louise Humble

I аm а primаry schооl teаcher with ten yeаrs teаching experience. I hаve tаught frоm Nursery right up tо Yeаr 6 аnd cаrried оut privаte ...

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Photo of Miss Cassie Burns

Miss Cassie Burns

My name is Cassie Burns and I am an English Language graduate from Newcastle University currently living in Cheadle Hulme. I am taking part in a 140 hour ...

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Photo of Miss Jennifer Clegg

Miss Jennifer Clegg

I am patient, caring and enthusiastic with a good sense of humour. I have always been able to relate well to children of all ages and have worked in a ...

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Photo of Mrs Pauline Sharples

Mrs Pauline Sharples

I am a retired teacher, married with children and grandchildren. I have experience in a wide variety of occupations from science technician, school liaison ...

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