Mr Navindu De Saram

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I am a very keen and enthusiastic undergraduate student currently studying Architecture at Newcastle University. During school years, I enjoyed helping out others when they were stuck on something and I'd like to take that step a bit further by helping others that are younger than me to achieve their educational goals.

Tutoring experience

I am currently tutoring another student, which has helped me understand how to adapt to their educational needs. I have done SATS, GCSE's and A Levels and have passed in all so I have a very good understanding of the subject areas that you or your child may be struggling on.

Approach to tutoring

I'm friendly and easy to talk to so I will make sure that I will make the tutoring atmosphere as nice as possible to teach. I am good at reading people and can figure out if they are struggling on something, in which case I will proceed to assist them. For the first day of tutoring, I would like to just get an idea of what you or your child is currently doing with their studies and will ask what areas you would like me to help cover. In the sessions afterwards, I will bring in worksheets that I think will be helpful.


2017Art & Design: Fine ArtA* (A Level)OCR
2015MathematicsA (GCSE)AQA
2015BiologyB (GCSE)AQA
2015Further MathematicsB (GCSE)AQA

Availability:Weekdays (evening) / Weekends
Tuition location:Tutor's home only