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I am a professional statistician (10+ years experience) who has worked for the Wales qualification regulator (Qualifications Wales) since June 2016. This role has provided insight into how GCSE qualifications are designed and assessed, which puts me in a fairly unique position to offer help to students preparing to sit GCSE examinations later this year. As a statistician and general mathematics enthusiast, GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Mathematics Numeracy are the subjects I am best placed to offer a tutoring service for.

Tutoring experience

This will be my first venture into formal tutoring although I do have experience offering informal help to a family friend and assisting a friend to tutor a student for GCSE Mathematics last summer (this experience is what inspired me to try my own hand at tutoring).

Approach to tutoring

This is very much dependent upon getting to know the tutee and what works best for them. My belief is that practice makes perfect and one learns best by doing; therefore, I would recommend significant time is spent looking at past examination papers. Analysis of how the tutee performs would identify topics that require further attention and build familiarity with the style of question they will be expected to answer in GCSE examinations. Once I have a grasp of which topics the tutee finds more challenging, I am flexible in how we go about building confidence and improving performance (for example, it could be teaching the core concepts or working through example questions together).


2008MSc Statistics2:1University of Southampton
2005Diploma in Statistics1stUniversity of Reading
2005BA History and English Literature2:1Cardiff University

Availability:Weekdays (evening) / Weekends
Tuition location:Your home only (up to 15 miles away)